Reviews from former students of Lynganor Norwegian online


Had 10 online lessons with Knut for improving my Norwegian skills. Very efficient and flexible, can recommend to anyone who wants to learn Norwegian!
Joonatan Haukilehto,
Oslo, 18 September 2020.
I had the honor to take the classes of Norwegian with Knut. The classes were very interesting and engaging, Knut is an amazing teacher, very patient with students, great at explaining the subject matter in various ways to make it fit the student’s preferred learning style, which makes Norwegian with him a particularly enjoyable and valuable experience. Knut makes sure to actively involve you in the language and he also introduces you to the peculiarities of Norwegian culture, which is an indispensable component of studying a foreign language. Overall, I would absolutely recommend everyone Norwegian with Knut.
Martin Považan, Slovakia
16 July 2020
Jan and I took private lessons with Knut as a preparation for our relocation to Oslo. We could not have wished for a better preparation. Knut is a very flexible and competent teacher; he knows how to  to adapt the lessons to your needs. He is very knowledgeable. As well as introducing us to the language he provided us with knowledge of Norwegian culture and habits.
Martine & Jan
The Hague / Oslo, , 4 July 2020
I took some private lessons with Knut, and that helped me a lot to learn Norwegian … a professional teacher … Knut; Thank you so much for helping me.!
Mehmet Dundar
1 July 2020
“Before moving from the Netherlands to Norway, I decided to take a private Norwegian course (beginner, A1-level) with Knut. As I was close to moving to Norway, it was very convenient that Knut was flexible and we managed to work out a good schedule for the course. What I really liked about his style of teaching is that he put emphasis on speaking during the lessons, as this was important for me. Although this was quite challenging at first, he made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to try anyway. This really helped me to get used to hearing and using Norwegian words and (simple) sentences. So all in all, I have had a very good course with Knut and it gave me a proper kick-start in Norwegain!”
Marc Boorsma
29 December 2018
I have followed a few lessons with Knut this year. Knut is an experienced and passionate teacher who is more than happy to bring the knowledge over to you. As a real Norwegian he knows the language well, but he also speaks perfectly Dutch, so that the lesons could proceed with ease. The lessons have been very useful to me, and it has helped me understand well the basis of the Norwegian language. This year I emigrate to Norway, and I notice that by following these lessons, I have made an important step ahead which has been a huge gain to me. Besides that Knut is good a good teacher, he is also a nice person, making the lessons pleasant. I can recommend Knut to everyone in search for a teacher of Norwegian.
Roxanne Schilthuizen
3 December 2018
In just eight private lessons, Knut taught to me quite  a lot of Norwegian for beginners. During my hike of six weeks in Norway, I could keep simple conversations, at some occasions I even received compliments for my Norwegian. Actually of course compliments to Knut. Besides this good result, I also found Knut to be a pleasant person. He is open to questions and he is flexible in his approach. I can recommend him to everyone.
Bernadette Ouwerkerk
Rotterdam, 28 November 2018
Thank you Knut for your professionalism. I’ve learned a lot in a short period, and I have appreciated your kindness and your patience. Learning norwegian with someone who speaks your own language is quite incredible. Well done, a polyglot teacher!
Vanessa Herzog
23 November 2018

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